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At 90° MELT, we have a massive passion for simple, but wholesome comfort food. And few countries do comfort food like America! At 90° MELT, we are constantly bringing vegan and veggie versions – so all the good bits of American Comfort food, sustainably and responsibly. From Gooey, Creamy Grilled Cheese Sandwiches to Cauliflower Wings and Burgers to Corn Dogs, we have got all your favorite American food covered.
And the best part – you do not need to be a vegan or vegetarian to enjoy our food – just an open mind and an empty stomach!
Truth be told, when meat-free food tastes so damn good, who even cares! 90° MELT is all about Creative Vegetarian & Vegan food to comfort you and our planet.


And if you are a fan of lazy, leisurely brunching – we have a treat for you! Every Weekend from 11am – 3.30 pm, you can sink your teeth into some of the best Vegetarian & Vegan Brunch around in London – from authentic New York French Toast with berries & Mascarpone to our renowned Vegan pancakes, Tofu Shakshukas, Vegan Chilli Fry-up & Guacamole on Toast – we got you!


Food is only a part of it however. AT 90° MELT, we strive to provide our customers with the American charm and warm hospitality in a no-frills, no-fuss fashion that just comes so easily.


Hi Everyone, I am Nidhi Sharma and 90° MELT is my concept. I have always loved food but unlike most food entrepreneurs, I didn’t fully realize what this meant until a few years ago. I studied Computer Science at MIT & worked in Finance in NYC, Chicago and London. However after 11 years of finance, I turned to my interest & love for food.

My mom, is an amazing cook and hails from a large Indian family. Throughout her life, she has picked up loads of different recipes, ideas and techniques to further hone her culinary skills and has formed the basis of my love for food. So, after loads of soul-searching 90° MELT was born! 90° MELT is a reflection of everything I have experienced in my life with regards to food. I am still a vegetarian, (and becoming exceedingly vegan each day) love international flavours and love being creative with food.

This is my very first food project and the support has been incredible. Following your passion is not meant to be easy, which is exactly why it has to be a passion! Having a supportive and understanding family makes it easier!

You will often see me at the restaurant, running up and down – please dont hesitate to say hello, provide feedback, suggestions or recipe ideas!

Thank you for your support!