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by Nidhi

When we think of American Comfort food, what usually comes to mind are (Pepperoni) Pizzas, Cheese Burgers, Grilled Cheese, French Fries and the like! The common theme amongst all of these are MEAT, MEAT and more MEAT! So, while the meat-lovers rejoice at the idea of American Cuisine, the Vegans and Vegetarians usually are left quite disappointed! But that need not be the case!

With a little imagination, flavor, love and a whole lot of kindness (towards animals), many of these American foods can be vegan/vegetarian-ized. At 90 Degree MELT, a new, unique Vegetarian & Vegan American Diner in East London, that is exactly what we are dedicated to doing! So here goes, here is a first (Version 1.0) light, summer-inspired list of 5 of our popular American Veg dishes.

1. Cauliflower ‘Buffalo’ Wild Wings

Cauliflower is a common Meat and Chicken replacer and it is great. Easily and freely available, no messing about with making “Fake Meat” or flavoring it! Cauliflower is also a robust and meaty vegetable – usually it retains a certain bite and does not go mushy when cooked, like many starchy vegetables do! So we have used these to make our HUGELY POPULAR Cauliflower Buffalo Wings! They are crunchy, spicy, and cooling with a Ranch style Yogurt dip to temper the heat.
VEGAN TIP: Add vinegar and Vegan spread or Olive oil to the buffalo sauce and replace the yogurt dip with Alpro Coconut Yogurt or Vegan Mayo

2. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches are the quintessential American Comfort Food. With endless possibilities with myriad different Cheeses available, loads of fillings (fruits and veggies) and many sauces – these are the ultimate comfort food, that EVERYONE loves! Our popular creations at 90 Degree MELT are the Spicy “Donald Trump” Mexican MELT and the Spa-artichoke MELT!

VEGAN TIP: Use oil or vegan spread instead of butter to toast the sandwiches and try using a vegan cheese substitute or home-made vegan cheese sauce! Available at http://www.90degreemelt.co.uk

3.Potato Wedges

Spicy, Crunchy, soft and carby – potato wedges are the ultimate starch accompaniment to any meal! Our twice cooked Potato Wedges are perfectly seasoned with Paprika, Salt and Garlic

VEGAN TIP: Use oil instead of butter and the results are just as good – fried or baked

4.Jalapeno Cornbread

Cornbread is a Southern Comfort Food Staple and it is easy to see why – it is Sweet, Salty, Spicy and Tangy all at the same time. Truly many variations exist for this Classic American creation – try adding sliced Jalapenos, Cheese, Black beans and even sweet corn!

VEGAN TIP :  Omit eggs, and replace with Flax Seeds, Vinegar and Olive Oil. Also yogurt or sour cream can be replaced with Coconut Yogurt or Soya Milk

5.Apple Pie

OMG! Who does not like a warm apple pie – sweet and tart juicy apples, cooked in butter, sugar with a cinnamon Aroma and a hint of Vanilla! Warm or cold – perfect in any weather and even better with ice-cream

VEGAN TIP : Serve with a sweet coconut cream or dairy-free ice cream!

Try these and many more creations at London’s only American Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurant cum Diner 90 Degree MELT at 235 Mile End Road London E1 4AA. Visit us online at www.90degreemelt.co.uk

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5 Great American Vegetarian & Vegan Comfort Foods – 1.0!